The impact of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection

The impact of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection

Apple rocked the email marketing world a few weeks ago by announcing the ‘Mail Privacy Protection’ (MPP) for iOS15. Mail Privacy Protection stops senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about the user, such as when they open an email. MPP also masks IP addresses so they can’t be linked to other online activity or location.

Campagne Roda JC & Apifonica

Robert Klaasen (Roda JC) brengt seizoenkaarthouders persoonlijk op de hoogte van zijn contractverlenging Robert Klaasen, middenvelder Roda JC, heeft alle seizoenkaarthouders persoonlijk op de hoogte gebracht van zijn contractverlenging. Nog voordat het nieuws wereldkundig werd belde hij alle seizoenkaarthouders om het goede nieuws te brengen. “Een hele geslaagde campagne” “Transfers zijn altijd een ‘hot topic’…

Welcome Coventry City FC

Sports Alliance is delighted to announce a new partnership with Coventry City FC. As the Club looks to continue to increase its engagement with fans to grow and ultimately increase revenues across the club to further develop the first team squad. Following their return to Coventry from the 21/22 season, the Club will work alongside Sports Alliance to focus on fan engagement, data management, CRM, Single Sign On and insight services.

Paasactie Sports Alliance

Paasactie Sports Alliance Bedankt voor de interesse in de Sports Alliance Paasactie! Deze pagina is bedoeld als illustratie voor wat er mogelijk is. Wil je meer informatie? Neem contact op met Marsha van Lent of gebruik het contactformulier op de website. Spelregels en voorwaarden Deelname is voor gezinnen in de __ wonen. Je kunt per…

Download the white paper about Partner Campaigns

Learn from the best

Now available: Learn from the best We’ve picked the best examples from our Campaign Assistant tool and put them together in this White Paper. Check it out at Personalising sport is about more than just communicating in a personal way with your fans. It’s also about creating opportunities for clubs, sponsors and fans to…

Sports Alliance Day 2020

Sports Alliance Day 2020 We held this year’s unique Sports Alliance Day on Thursday, November 5 via Zoom. Although not together in person, the session connected many clubs and organisations from across Europe, North and South America. We’ve uploaded all of the content to our website so you can watch the presentations and download the slides. Check…