Integration: Supporter data pipelines

Integration is the 'glue' that links the Sports Alliance Data Platform to other 3rd party systems or applications. Integration brings together supporter, transactional and behavioural data across all touchpoints within the club, including ticketing, access, merchandise, web registration, hospitality and web applications in to the Data Platform.

100s of systems and apps

In the last decade we have built and managed integrations with over 100 different systems or applications involving many hundreds of deployments for supplier-specific integration processes. In each case, we will engage with a system or application supplier to identify if they have an existing integration solution, and work with them to identify appropriate technologies, processes and patterns to ensure that all information required for sales and marketing requirements and uses cases is identified and comprehended.

Flows and logic for Marketing
  • Field mapping and data transformations to Data Warehouse schema
  • Lookup and other related reference data
  • Identifiers, relationships and related business rules for insert/update/delete within a source system
  • Push from supplier or pull via service, with related parameterisations and logic for identification of change
  • Sufficiency for requirements or use cases

We work predominantly in Microsoft technologies – SQL Server and SSIS as well as ASP.Net / C# - to build pipelines that are robust, reusable and performant.


Related Sports Alliance products include the other Data Platform solutions for the Data Warehouse for central data processing and the Supporter API for application data exchange, as well as other line-of-business applications provided for the Club Users.