Data Warehouse: End-to-end supporter data

Built in Microsoft SQL Server, the Data Warehouse stores and processes data from all Club and 3rd party sources, providing a single reference for supporter data profile for all consuming applications, services or processes.

  • Data is retrieved or consumed from transactional source systems via Integration processes specific to each supplier, system or application
  • Schema mapping from source to generic across hundreds of supplier systems
  • Within the Data Warehouse hundreds of modules, functions and processes for implementing relevant business rules / logic work to cleanse, validate and de-duplicate data
  • Data validation and normalisation based on internal and external reference data
  • Individual supporter deduplication
Business rules and Data Cleansing

The Data Warehouse is a 'single-source of truth' for all Club transactional, marketing and supporter data

  • Full audit / process state control
  • Data cleansing, including validation
  • Product and data categorisation or meta-data for management and generation of attribute or role for marketing
  • Generation and maintenance of Supporter attributes or roles for CRM and marketing apps
  • Centralised Business Logic managed in T-SQL standards

The relational Data Warehouse schema is then replicated and data published to a separate Analytical database (OLAP) for enhanced performance for aggregations and BI user experience via Tableau and other applications.

Related Products include the Supporter API for exposing data and functionality to 3rd Party applications, BI for reporting and visualisation of data.