Supporter API: Data on demand for 3rd Party Applications

The Supporter API is a resource-based RESTful web service, built on ASP.NET Web API and MS SQL Server technologies. It provides a secure and effective interface for 3rd party applications to access data and functionality relating to the full Supporter profile. It provides a single, standardised and consistent point of contact for applications for all aspects of the Supporter data profile – ticketing, retail, demographics, marketing, analytics and more.

Real-world Supporter data

The Supporter API resource structure is ‘human readable’ with resource names that mimic the ‘real-word’ objects; /supporters, /tickets, /memberships, /merchandise, /loyaltybalance, /supporterroles (attributes).

Supporter Marketing use case delivery

The Supporter API exposes services and functionalities to 3rd parties and Applications / Solutions for Supporter Marketing use case delivery both on and off-line.

  • Personalisation for any application - Web or CRM / Sales applications, or Native Mobile applications
  • Account Linking based on Club Account SSO
  • Loyalty balance / redemption
  • ‘Integration’ via POST to the Supporter API for Application data or Supporter behaviour data

Related Products include the Club Account for a single Supporter identity as a gateway to the Supporter API, My Season web app for displaying and accessing data and functionality from the Supporter API, as well as the core Data Platform for integration, deduplication and core business logic.