Stadium Migration: Supporter sales and marketing

Moving or migrating stadium is a ‘once in a lifetime’ act for most Clubs, involving years or even decades of financial and architectural planning. We are concerned solely with helping you ensure that the Supporter Experience of the process is a pure and simple delight for all involved, and that Club Staff feel empowered to deliver this.

At Sports Alliance, we have lived through dozens of stadium migrations in over a decade of involvement in professional Sports and Supporter Marketing. We have invaluable experience – within our personnel and in terms of software, workflow and other IP assets – to help you conceive, design and implement your very own Supporter Marketing stadium migration plan.

Stadium Migration Swansea
Enhanced supporter experience

From the perspective of your supporters, the experience of a Stadium migration is second to none. Personalisation is at the core. We help support you in delivering a best-in-class sales and marketing experience throughout what may be a period stretching across years:

  • Seat, Area and Zone equivalency mapping between old and new stadia, including ongoing and varying iterations of new stadium design over time
  • Identification of existing supporter entitlement policy and implementation, both for individuals and groups of supporters
  • New supporter prospecting and incorporation in to sales & marketing processes
  • Corporate / Hospitality and VIP management, product and package design and pricing
  • Design, build and staff training in Sales Centre / CRM data and software environment for the management of face-to-face interviews and appointments and marketing and communications
  • Incorporation of 3-D ‘view from seat’ in to web apps and Sales Centre appointments
Stadium Migration visualized
Your journey is also unique

Every stadium migration we work on is different and unique in some degree or other. We utilise our accumulated experience to deliver specialised stadium migration project consultancy and support, based also on the unique breadth of our product and service solution offering and related skills in data, technology and marketing.

  • Integration for data flows and pipelines from existing / new planning and sales systems – stadium layout / seat design, ticketing, membership, hospitality, shareholding
  • Data warehouse for supporter deduplication, relationships, grouping and business rules and workflow design
  • SRM Campaign for outbound direct marketing, campaign management and Messaging
  • CRM for supporter sales appointment management
  • BI for reporting and visualisations