SRM Loyalty: Reward and encourage supporters

Loyalty in sport, however characteristic of the underlying supporter relationship, should never be taken for granted. Even your most ‘loyal’ supporters still need recognition and reward for their continuing involvement and support throughout the ups and downs of a sporting season.

That moment when
Membership programmes

SRM Loyalty provides the means to reward supporters for any behaviour or response required for ongoing supporter engagement and retention. Within the application you can administer loyalty as part of a membership programme designed to impact significantly on seasonal revenue. Using points or cashback as a currency, the application enables the club to fundamentally change its approach to sales discounts, encourage engagement and capitalise on the supporters’ sense of satisfaction and recognition.

Flexible marketing currency for retention or acquisition
  • Create tiers and segments for integrated membership programme
  • Create awards as promotions based on one-off, percentage or seasonal, applicable to either purchaser or holder
  • 3rd parties and other applications access balance, other supporter data and implementation of redemption workflows through Supporter API
  • Additional marketing currency to increase engagement, retention, up-sell and membership value
  • Create a deeper level of engagement with Fans
  • Generate revenue through upsell at point of redemption and eradicate discounts.
  • Improve data capture and behaviour understanding.

Related Sports Alliance products include the Supporter API for accessing or publishing balance and notification of redemptions from 3rd party sales applications, the MySeason web application for publishing loyalty within a fully personalised web app, as well as BI for scheme reporting.