SRM Data: Administer your supporter data

SRM Data provides a window to the Data Warehouse for two key administrative functions - Product Categorisation and file upload of Supporter Contact Data from occasional sources, as opposed to scheduled or automated integration pipelines.

SRM Data
Product categorisation

Product Categorisation is used to ensure homogeneity and usability for downstream attribute or role administration and the critical relevance this has for Sales and Marketing applications. Attributes allow for ‘setting’ of supporters using human-readable definitions allowing for segmentation and filtering, and inclusion in any analytical model.

Sales products administered by Ticketing and Membership systems are presented for categorisation in a grid structure for direct user categorisation by competition, location, season, opponent for ticketing and tiers and audience for memberships.

Other product sources such as merchandise with a more varied and numerous product range and typically a less structured textual taxonomy are categorised using pre-defined rules according to system and client usage.

SRM Data Classification
Add new Supporter Data

Source File Upload provides a simple workflow for administering ‘occasional’ source supporter contact data in to the Data Warehouse, providing for source naming and field mapping including marketing preferences for submission to the data warehouse.

SRM Data Upload

Related products include the Data Warehouse for processing of Product Categorisation and new Supporter data, and 'downstream' marketing applications including SRM Campaign, SRM Loyalty and BI.