SRM Campaign: Targeted, cross-channel Supporter marketing

SRM Campaign makes data segmentation, message targeting and campaign administration easy to allow timely dispatch of targeted multi-channel direct marketing campaigns. The application integrates directly with Messaging systems - ESP, SMS and Native App providers -  as well as with CRM system and call centre (where present) to allow marketing messages to be pushed to the right people via the right channel at the right time.

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Target in real-time

Use our simple ‘drag and drop’ filter builder to segment data and create your relevant marketing audience according to their history, transactions, geographic location, personal marketing preferences and prior campaign behaviour. Literally thousands of attributes are available for either high or fine level segmentation criteria. Filter counts updated in real-time for individual supporters, distinct addresses, email addresses and mobile numbers to gauge final list volume or counts.

SRM Campaign 2018
Plan and manage campaigns and communications

Set up and administer campaigns and related lists to track response and revenue on a campaign/dispatch level.

Commit data as segmented lists to messaging systems such as ESP or CRM for final fulfilment or activities based on underlying contact supporter synchronisation, or in the case of SMS or Native Mobile applications, fulfil the message directly from within the SRM Campaign application.

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