Sponsor Activation & Database Commercialisation

The Club's own commercial and partnership team sources and builds commercial relationships with a broad range of Sponsors through the Season:

  • Main Sponsors. Shirt, Seasonal, Stand
  • Localised Non-conflicting Sponsors. Direct relationships with Match-related sponsors and Business Club
  • Centralised Partners. League and Competition, National / International brands with local interest

Sports Alliance Data Platform and Marketing tools provide a broad and engaging data set and range of capabilities for Sponsor activation.

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3rd Party Data: Single View of Supporter

Club Data

Within the Sports Alliance Data Warehouse, the Club has a rich and broad reservoir to provide immediate value to Sponsors and Brands, contact, gender, age and family structure, transactional relationship with Club, attributes and digital engagement history, and central management of Preferences and 3rd Party opt ins.

3rd Party Data Products and Tags

In addition, detailed demographic tags, provided by our partners Experian and CCR, provide critical texture and insight. Many of our Clubs will already have purchased MOSAIC tags for the purpose of Season Ticket Renewal Statistical Analysis. Other data products can be purchased as necessary to build the profiles brand marketers seek. All tags are kept in the Club’s data warehouse with all other data.

Experian Data
Engaging product offer to Club Sponsors

There is a broad range of offers and capabilities that the Club can present its Sponsors and Partners:

  • Direct Marketing Campaigns. The Club has capability using the SRM Campaign and SRM Messaging products to deliver Partner messages, either within Club communications or as solus campaigns, to segmented audiences across multiple channels.
  • Personalisation and Loyalty. Sponsors can increase engagement using personalised messages based on a supporters relationship with the club – e.g. exclusive offer for new season ticket holders, including loyalty points offer for participation or activation
  • Research. Product testing / surveys specific to the segmented target audience of the partner, and panels can also be composed of supporters who meet specific criteria.
  • Geolocation. Clubs offering native apps can provide push notifications of targeted offers based on the supporters location - e.g. “£2 off a meal for ClubApp users” delivered when user near Sponsor location.
Supporter Experience and Sponsor Value

Running all Club and Partner activity from one central Club database facilitates control and Regulatory Compliance as well as protecting Supporter experience.

  • Segmentation and pricing remains entirely in the Club’s hands, so that outside brands do not have better marketing access to Club supporters than existing Sponsors.
  • On-boarding email can be sent to non-3rd Party opt ins inviting them to click to opt in, highlighting the benefits and example partner offers they are missing for a seamless and compliant process.
  • Campaigns can be scheduled within the club’s own marketing communications plan to avoid saturation and maximise engagement.

Commercial models involved may be developed between Club and Sponsor based on target audience addressed, email opens/clicks or other behaviour, tracked via 3rd party or Analytics providers.