Player Administration Module: Manage player contract obligations and payments

The Player Administration Module (PAM) is an application designed to help regulate and administer payments between a professional Sports Club and squad players and other organisations – Clubs, Agents, Leagues, other 3rd Parties – specified in Player Contracts and other Transfer-related obligations. The system addresses known ‘pain points’ for Clubs in managing Player Payments due to the variation in individual player contract terms and the volatility of dependent statistics related to playing performance.

Player Admin Contract Line
Data-driven match statistics

PAM provides a structure for the organisation of Players, Contracts, Parties and the relationships and obligations these involve, automates the processing of football statistics – player appearances and performance, fixtures and match results, league position, qualification, promotion & relegation – and then links these statistics to Contract obligations and conditional criteria to automatically generate Payment or Action Instructions for the user.

The system is built within a customised, standalone version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, linked to separate automation databases for the underlying OPTA data feed and business rules administration.

Player Admin Match Data
Efficient, error-free Player payments
  • Automated Processing of Football Statistics to Data Warehouse
  • Contracts & Party Data and Relationships Structured as per ‘Real World’
  • User-defined Rules for Conditional Payments & Outcomes
  • Automation and Calculation of Payment and Action Instructions
  • Payment Processing link to Finance
  • Procedural efficiencies, audit trials, risk / error reduction in both outgoing and incoming player payments.