MySeason: Personalise the supporter digital experience

MySeason allows you to create personalised campaign or permanent web apps to engage your supporters across the course of the season. Regularly utilised by our Clients for Season Ticket renewals providing information targeted at the purchaser for all seats, memberships, hospitality and other product and package data for renewal or acquisition. Links directly with the Club sales systems for immediate fulfilment. The MySeason web app is built using latest Microsoft web technologies and is fully responsive across all platforms, browsers and devices.

Club Account Personalisation Example
A compelling experience

Sports Alliance has built dozens of MySeason projects with Clubs since 2012. We have developed a toolbox of approaches and functionality that provide a compelling personalised experience for the supporter.

  • Branding reflects either existing or desired Club web stylesheets
  • Apps are built to be fully responsive across all web browser / platforms
  • Personalisation at the core, whether within content, functionality or images, printed on shirt, programme or on season card image, you decide.
  • Fan engagement and social sharing via integration with Club social provider applications for uploading or sharing or posting / tweeting content
  • Data merging for purchaser or holder for seat package renewals and offers
  • Supporter Loyalty programme balance and other information, corporate or consumer
Unique involvement and engagement with your fans

By beginning with and recognising the personal nature of the affiliation of the Club and the Supporter, the MySeason app bridges any perceived divide between the Supporter’s ‘real world’ and ‘digital’ experiences with the Club.

MySeason delivers

  • Significant cost savings compared to print / other media options
  • Double-digit percentage differences in Season Ticket renewal rates
  • Advance sales windows for key Season Ticket or product sales
  • Enhanced supporter experience, involvement and engagement
  • Gateway to an integrated digital supporter experience across all Club properties and applications

Related Sports Alliance products include using the Club Account for Single Sign On across all Club applications including MySeason, and access to the Supporter API to provide the underlying data and content to power the personalisation experience within the MySeason app.