Marketing Services: Outsourced campaign management

We supply the tools & solutions and can also supply the service to deliver first class supporter direct marketing. Knowing that organisational, personnel and resourcing structure varies from Club to Club, we seek to complement any individual set up with a set of resources and services to help with communications strategy and design, campaign and communication delivery, as well as project management and co-ordination of suppliers.

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Complement your internal resources

Sports Alliance dedicated team can fulfil all data segmentation, campaign administration, and messaging including email build and SMS dispatch on behalf of the club. This can free up your internal resource to focus on personalised and engaging content, whilst we recommend segmentation based upon best practice across our client base and own experience.

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Marketing best practice

We provide ongoing reports into campaign success, benchmark vs our other clients and strategic insight to all clients who engage us to manage their campaigns. In addition, we can provide a design service where required for email templates and other required elements.

  • Outsourced Marketing
  • List Creation
  • Template Design
  • Email Build
  • SMS Dispatch
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Strategic Insight
  • Best Practice

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