CRM for VIP and Corporate Sales

Inform the conversation between VIP supporters for Corporate Hospitality and Club Service & Sales Operators.

  • Increase your core transactors as well as your prospects base
  • Rely on customer recognition: target and personalise your communications
  • Fully utilise sales tracking and KPI Performance monitoring
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Manage individual VIP relationships

We have taken the market-leading Microsoft Dynamcis CRM application and customised it specifically for Sports Corporate and Hospitality Sales. Sales process design and implementation is then specific to your needs.

  • Corporate and Hospitality Sales processes designed to optimise and enhance Club revenue.
  • Customise dashboards to present sales teams with their daily work and call lists, or with reporting to show lead to sale conversions.
  • 360 degrees sales history for individual supporters as well as corporate accounts.
  • Workflows manage the transition of a lead to order and invoice.
Know what's happening and when

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