Consultancy & Training

Knowledge, expertise and personal relationships are at our core. Our senior management team – Anthony Khan, Mark Taviner and Henk-Frits Verkerk – have each been with the Company since its inception in 2002.  Prior to this, each worked in business, technology and marketing consultancy positions. Jointly, they represent many decades of expertise in Technology, Marketing and Professional Sports markets, and the myriad client, supplier and partner relationships that this entails.

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Expertise & Insight across European Network

We value and prioritise direct Client experience in our own staff recruitment strategy. The majority of our staff have worked at one or more than one Sports client in their previous career development.

The professional sports market is densely inter-connected and personal relationships are maintained across decades of separate or distinct roles, positions and engagements. We operate a ‘friends and family’ approach to maintaining contact with ex-clients who, on occasional basis, then also provide consultancy services through us.

Sports Alliance Consultancy Training