BI: Dashboards, Reports and Visualisations

Communicate and display clearly and compellingly all marketing strategy and results at board level using visualisations of key performance indicators and reporting.

Visualise your impact

Within the context of sport, we can benchmark across clients, show database maps of your catchment area, and create stadium plans to allow you to bring stadium reporting to life. Example reporting areas include

  • New supporters – by territory, by source, over time
  • Year-on-Year database growth and quality
  • Campaign patterns – lists, audiences, targeting, coverage
  • Messaging response – open rates, unsubscribes, revenues 
Powered by Tableau

Sports Alliance utilises Tableau as a ‘best of breed’ platform to supply best-in-class dashboards, reports and visualisations to our clients or end users. Tableau provides visualisation using a broad selection of types or formats – bar graphs, line charts, scatter plots, Gantt views etc.

DIY or Service

Our approach is to package and publish reports thematically in workbooks. These workbooks are visible to each user within the core Sports Alliance web application. The workbooks contains ‘libraries’ of reporting approaches and templates provided ‘out of the box’ as a service.

Self-service reporting and visualisation is enabled by linking the workbook to a BI database (or ‘cube’) containing a pre-structure analytical database.


Related Sports Alliance products include the core Data Platform providing data sources for BI, and any application supplying data to the Data Platform.