Analytics: Data-driven Membership Marketing

Analytical models provide a data-driven basis for enhanced personalisation and targeted supporter marketing in Sport.

Many of the key revenue or commercial products sold by Sports Clubs are seasonal or subscription based, and have enabled Clubs to form a significant level of affiliation over time with individual supporters.

We have 5 years of commercial and data experience in developing classification models to help identify key 'predicted' behaviours such as a supporter’s likelihood to renew or purchase a season ticket or membership. Every Club is different. We 'share' experience between model approaches but the underlying data is specific to an individual Club across seasons.

Segmentation and marketing personalisation

We utilise other analytical approaches for clustering for segmentation or behavioural analysis over time.

We have developed product recommendation models for retail or merchandise product recommendations that take in to account the seasonality and product similarity across seasons for Sports brands.


Related Sports Alliance products include core Data Platform for organising and present data for analytical model development and testing, and then downstream CRM and SRM Campaign and other marketing apps for direct marketing outcomes linked to model outputs.