Manage and fulfil supporter communications across multiple channels

We integrate with Club messaging platforms to provide supporter data synchronisation and list sharing between the SRM Campaign application and a variety of messaging systems. Application Integration and contact synchronisation (where applicable) via the Data Platform provides the basis for fully integrated direct messaging from the SRM Campaign application.

As consumer technologies continue to migrate to mobile applications, we help clubs continue to choose the most effective channel for direct message delivery, email, sms or in-app. Where messaging content is simple – SMS, In-App – content may be administered directly within the SRM Campaign App. Messaging data is then transferred to a fulfilment platform via relevant API workflows. Response data is then written back to the Data Platform again by Integration or API processes.

Communicator 2018
Efficient and responsive Email

Where content and rules are more complex for email – html design and testing and deliverability – messaging fulfilment is handed over to the ESP system. We have a particularly mature integration with CommunicatorCorp for Email messaging, including

  • Core contact or supporter contact data automated synchronisation
  • SRM Campaign lists published on user demand into ESP related data tables
  • Bi-directional synchronisation of marketing preferences and subscriptions and email open and click responses
  • Fully responsive template design
  • Personalisation based on contact and other attribute or related data tables
  • Basis for marketing automation and triggered messaging workflows
SRM Campaign - Responsive Email
Integrated Channels

Related Sports Alliance products include SRM Campaign and the core Data Platform. Messaging is tightly linked to the SRM Campaign application workflows as the basis for initial filtering / segmentation of supporters and channel selection. The Data Platform Data Warehouse provides the underlying rules for supporter deduplication and Integration pipelines for data synchronisation of supporters to underpin list sharing between marketing and messaging applications.