Club Account: a single online identity for your Supporters

The Club Account delivers an end-to-end single sign on or identity service for all Club properties, suppliers and applications. The Club Account allows a supporter to register once, using Social Sign In if they choose, and log in across all and every Club domain, system or application, maintaining a consistent identity and experience throughout. Supporter data is validated on registration to ensure quality. Supporter marketing preferences for Club and 3rd Party are unified with the single profile to clarify and facilitate further sponsor activation.

Club Account Login
Gateway to personalisation

The Club Account utilises a user-driven approach to ‘Account Linking’ to existing other accounts – ticketing, ecommerce etc. – that is based on the approach used for Social accounts. The user chooses to link accounts, is directed to the ‘relying party’ app and enters credentials once to link. Once the link has been made, the full array of linked accounts is then available for all parties to provide a single, unified view of the Supporter online and offline. Maintaining a consistent Supporter identity and experience is value enough in itself, but is also the gateway to further in-app personalisation, ecommerce and marketing.

Club Account Personalisation Example
‘End-to-end’ solution

The Club Account is designed to provide an ‘end to end’ solution tailored for the specific demands of the Sports market.

  • Club-branded UI for consistent styling and user experience
  • App is built in modern Microsoft web technologies for fully responsive
  • Authentication and identity management using underlying OAuth engine – redirects and tokens -  for familiarity and 3rd party supplier integration with OAuth workflows
  • ‘Social Sign In’ is enabled for new supporter acquisition and ‘password fatigue’
  • Project management for supplier co-operation and implementation and delivery
Club Account Registration

Privacy and security are there by design. The application is built on web standards – OAuth2.0 and Web APIs -  utilised by the ‘internet giants’ Facebook, Microsoft and Google for identity management, and runs on the Cloud (Microsoft Azure) to provide highest-level guarantees of availability, scaling and security.


Related Sports Alliance products include MySeason for a fully personalised supporter digital experience, access to the Supporter API to provide the underlying data and content to power the personalisation experience within other applications, and the Data Warehouse to further consolidate online and offline identities and data profile.